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LWLcom // AS50629

LWLcom operates its own fiber optic network in Bremen and POPs in several cities in Germany and the Netherlands. Out overall external network capacity is approximately 2173 Gbit/s.

Peering policy

  • We have a selective peering policy requiring a minimum of 50 Mbps of traffic destined to or through your network.
  • We require an up-to-date peeringdb entry for all public peering requests.
  • 10G / 100G PNIs are preferred for peers with 95/5 > 1 Gbps.

Peering details

ASN 50629
IPv4 Prefixes 1000
IPv6 Prefixes 1000

Network policy

  • We're filtering RPKI invalids on all sessions
  • We're filtering TIER1 ASNs in path on all peering + customer sessions
  • We do not accept prefixes smaller than /24 (IPv4) or /48 (IPv6)


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