BGP action communities

Action communities are for customers use only.

Well-known communities

community description
65535:666 RFC7999, will be rewriten to 50629:666 internally
do-not-export do not announce to any eBGP peer


We accept /32 (ipv4) and /128 (ipv6).

community description
50629:666 blackhole traffic to prefix, please use 65536:666 for blackholing


Prepend / filter announcement to AS50629 transits.


community description
50629:30100 do not announce to DTAG
50629:30101 prepend 1x to DTAG
50629:30102 prepend 2x to DTAG
50629:30103 prepend 3x to DTAG


community description
50629:30200 do not announce to NTT
50629:30201 prepend 1x to NTT
50629:30202 prepend 2x to NTT
50629:30203 prepend 3x to NTT


community description
50629:30300 do not announce to Core-Backbone
50629:30301 prepend 1x to Core-Backbone
50629:30302 prepend 2x to Core-Backbone
50629:30303 prepend 3x to Core-Backbone


community description
50629:30400 do not announce to Cogent
50629:30401 prepend 1x to Cogent
50629:30402 prepend 2x to Cogent
50629:30403 prepend 3x to Cogent


Prepend / filter announcement to certain AS50629 IXP peers.

DE-CIX Frankfurt

community description
50629:40100 do not announce at DE-CIX Frankfurt
50629:40101 prepend 1x to DE-CIX Frankfurt
50629:40102 prepend 2x to DE-CIX Frankfurt
50629:40103 prepend 3x to DE-CIX Frankfurt

ECIX Frankfurt

community description
50629:40200 do not announce at ECIX Frankfurt
50629:40201 prepend 1x to ECIX Frankfurt
50629:40202 prepend 2x to ECIX Frankfurt
50629:40203 prepend 3x to ECIX Frankfurt

NL-IX Frankfurt

community description
50629:40300 do not announce at NL-IX Frankfurt
50629:40301 prepend 1x to NL-IX Frankfurt
50629:40302 prepend 2x to NL-IX Frankfurt
50629:40303 prepend 3x to NL-IX Frankfurt


community description
50629:40900 do not announce at BCIX
50629:40901 prepend 1x to BCIX
50629:40902 prepend 2x to BCIX
50629:40903 prepend 3x to BCIX Frankfurt

community description
50629:41000 do not announce at Frankfurt
50629:41001 prepend 1x to Frankfurt
50629:41002 prepend 2x to Frankfurt
50629:41003 prepend 3x to Frankfurt


community description
50629:41000 do not announce at AMS-IX
50629:41001 prepend 1x to AMS-IX
50629:41002 prepend 2x to AMS-IX
50629:41003 prepend 3x to AMS-IX